Post Offices opening times in Belfast

In the Belfast of 96 Offices, 4 companies. The biggest: Post Office (83 offices), Parcelforce Worldwide (10 offices), Royal Mail Delivery Office (2 offices) and DHL (1 office).

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World Health Organization warns virus spreading fast despite vaccine progress; French infections rise to 2.29m; Brazil reports 627 new deaths. Follow latest updatesVaccine to have only ‘marginal impact’ on winter hospital admissionsCDC advises ‘universal’ masks indoors as US deaths again break recordsItalians decry Christmas travel ban as ‘slap in the face’See all coronavirus coverage 5.36am GMT People in Australia’s remote Northern Territory have been using the territory government’s new official app to check in to places they’ve visited.More than 31,000 people have downloaded “The Territory Check In” app, using it 27,600 times with 1,420 venues generating QR codes to use with the app. 5.25am GMT So if you had to drive someone with coronavirus in a car, where’s the best place for them to sit? To reduce the chances of catching the virus, would you throw all the windows open, just open one, or keep them all closed. And where should they sit? Traveling with three open windows fared better than only two open windows, but the researchers found that choosing which window to close may in fact matter a great deal. In scenarios that simulated either an infected driver or an infected passenger, closing only the window closest to the non-infected person conferred the greatest protection, second only to the scenario with all four windows open. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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